What I do

What does a Postpartum Doula do?

As your postpartum doula there are many ways I can support you and your family. The word "doula"  comes from the ancient Greek word meaning,"a woman who serves." Now, it has taken on a more defined meaning - a caregiver who is professionally trained to support, empower and educate mothers and families through their postpartum period--without judgement.

A few things I offer are: 

  • to help you decode your newborn's cues
  • conversation (it can get lonely since your baby isn't talking yet)
  • to demonstrate and answer questions regarding baby care
  • to give you a break so you can catch a shower, a quiet meal, or a nap
  • breastfeeding or bottle feeding support
  • suggestions and tips for postpartum healing
  • an open ear if you want to talk about your birth experience and postpartum emotions
  • partner emotional support and resources
  • to educate/model how family can help you so you have time to heal and bond with your new baby
  • referrals ranging from craniosacral therapists, to placenta encapsulation specialists, to meal services
  • assistance in setting up a breastfeeding station, complete with water, snacks, and entertainment
  • meal planning or preparation
  • rotation and folding of laundry
  • light tidying of your space
  • to empower, nurture, respect and care for the whole family unit

Some things I don't offer are:

  • to drive clients or older children
  • to administer medication to children
  • to deep clean your home (I have resources for housekeepers I'm happy to share)
  • to exclusively babysit siblings
Photo by Matthew Rice

Photo by Matthew Rice