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Photo by Matthew Rice

Photo by Matthew Rice

One constant in my life is that I have always been a caregiver in one capacity or another. It's in my bones and where I feel the most comfortable. I began volunteering at a hospital, an animal shelter and worked as a live-in-nanny in my teens. After college graduation, I worked at a residential care facility for children within the foster system, in an elder care home, a crisis nursery, and advocated for clients with developmental disabilities. Along the way I was called back to holding sacred space and working closely with individual families. I volunteered shortly at a birth center as a trained labor doula before moving to Portland. In 2013 I attended Birthingway College of Midwifery and certified as a postpartum doula. I’ve never felt more fulfilled and found a more rewarding career than in my intimate postpartum support services. After years enjoying my work as a doula, I trained with Newborn Care Solutions to add Newborn Care Specialist to my skillset.

Currently, I am the Portland Doula Association Secretary and a member of the Boring Damascus Community Connection board. I also volunteer with Rahab’s Sisters, an organization offering radical hospitality to marginalized women in Portland, Oregon.

My other passion is small scale homesteading. We have an expansive garden in Boring with the never ending entertainment of our goats, bees and chickens. I am passionate about lowering waste, breaking my ties with the mainstream food system, and living gently on this beautiful earth.

Education and Training -
Labor Doula Training, DONA - 2012
Labor Doula Training, Birthingway College of Midwifery - 2012
Postpartum Doula Training, Birthingway College of Midwifery - 2013
Postpartum Doula Massage Training, Touch for Birth - 2013
Acupressure Workshop, Nicholas Olow, M.S., L.Ac - 2014
Lactation Educator Training, CAPPA - 2014
Tongue Tie Conference, OWLA Ghaheri, Cole, Gray, Erskine - 2014
Advanced Postpartum Doula “Working with Multiples” Training, Kimberly Bepler - 2014
Lactation Intensive Training for Birth Professionals, Melissa Cole, IBCLC - 2017
Building Bridges from the Past to the Future Conference, NACEF - 2019
Advanced Breastfeeding Support Skills, Christina Whitlow, IBCLC - 2019
Newborn Care Specialist Training, Newborn Care Solutions - 2019
Newborn Feeding: Positions and Other Solutions for Common Challenges, HiveCE - 2019
Supporting Pumping and Bottle Feeding Clients, Christina Whitlow, IBCLC - 2019
Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Training, Newborn Care Solutions - 2019

Where you can find me:
Birthingway College of Midwifery
Portland Doula Association
Doula Match