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Photo by Matthew Rice

Photo by Matthew Rice

My partner, Kye and I live in a tiny little house in Boring, Oregon--which is not boring if you don't let it be! Our small (for now) herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats and chickens keep us busy and very entertained in our quiet town of less than 10k residents. We are very enthusiastic about building our permaculture garden (with the help of April Jamison, owner of Garden Ecology in Portland), complete with our animals, fruit trees, berries and various native plants. I also love campfires, cooking nutritionally dense food, knitting and painting, and of course talking about babies!

I've always been a caregiver. It's in my bones and where I feel the most comfortable. Before I graduated high school, I volunteered at a hospital, cat shelter and worked as a live-in-nanny. I learned how to become part of the family and see where support was needed. After graduating from UC Davis in 2007, I began working at a residential care facility for children in danger of falling through the cracks in the foster care system due to severe behavioral issues. I still carry so many of the hard lessons I learned there with me to this day. For a few years I found the work rewarding but also stripping and draining of my tender heart. So I traveled around the US, dabbling in green business research and working on organic farms in hopes of finding myself. I was called back to serving families when my own mother became ill. I moved back to my hometown to take care of my family, and there I found my path to becoming a doula. I volunteered at a birth center, moved to Portland in 2012, and in 2013 became certified as a Postpartum Doula by Birthingway College of Midwifery. Loving every minute of it!

I am a Portland Doula Association board member, which is a group of birth related workers who meet regularly to hear from a speaker, learn, connect and support each other. It is also a great way for new parents or parents-to-be to find doulas via the online database. I definitely suggest interviewing more than one doula to find a good fit for your family.

Each month I am honored to be a part of Rahab's Sisters, offering radical hospitality to women in our community. We have no religious affiliation. Every Friday, volunteers cook for and serve up to 80 women who have been marginalized by the sex industry, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Where you can find me:

Birthingway College of Midwifery

Mt Hood Doula Collective

Portland Doula Association

Doula Match