Other Services

Other Services

Cooking Shifts - I love to cook! But if you don't, let's carve out a chunk of time when I can come and spend a few hours focused on cooking and freezing quick, nutritious, organic, delicious meals for you to grab. We will talk about what foods you like to eat, how to possibly make them a bit more nutrient dense,  and then create a meal plan.  I'll write down the groceries that I'd need to prepare those foods, so you can pick them up at your leisure. Or if you prefer, I will pick them up during my shift and give you the receipt for reimbursement. Then I will come for 3-4 hours and cook with you or while you nap with your newborn. During this time I do not watch your baby.

Some things I have prepared are:
Easy 'Go-To' snacks
Hard/soft boiled eggs
'Great Big Salads'
Overnight oats and fresh oatmeal with loads of toppings
Green smoothies
Stir Fry
Veggie nachos
Lactation cookies

House-sitting Rates - Each price includes mail and newspaper pick up, garbage to and from the curb, and watering the garden and/or indoor plants. If you have no animals, and just want the above services it is $25/day. If you would like me to spend the night at your place while you are gone, please include an extra $5/night. If you have other animals, such as chickens, fish or reptiles, depending on the amount of care they require the fee would be adjusted. If these services don't fit exactly what you are looking for, feel free to ask me for what you need! I'm pretty flexible, and often stay longer during my daily visits than stated below. This is the minimum for each price, as some days I am less busy than others and thus have more time to spend with your animal friend.

2 visits, 1hr each
daily litter box change

2 visits
1 half hour walk

2 visits
2 half hour walks

dogs and cats
2 visits, 1 hr each
2 half hour walks
daily litter box change