A Typical Shift

What My Postpartum Visits Look Like...

Daytime shifts are usually between 3-5 hours, sometime mid morning or late afternoon. A typical first visit starts off with a nice cup of tea and light snack while I listen to what has been going on for you before and after your birth. It is a time to get to know each other, hear your birth story and to paint me a picture of what is going on postpartum for you. The more details you give me about your situation the better I understand how I can help. Some very common questions I'll ask are: How are you healing physically, emotionally? Are you comfortable? Who is supporting you most during this transition and what are you finding most helpful? Where do you feel the support may be lacking? How is breastfeeding going? What does your sleep situation look like at this point? Explain to me what's going on with relatives or friends who may be visiting...

Then we'll tackle something together that has been weighing you down. I can help with learning a new swaddle so your baby possibly sleeps a little longer. Or maybe what is most important at that moment is troubleshooting your breastfeeding latch to see if we can find a more comfortable position. Practicing wearing your baby and going out for a short walk for some fresh air and company is not only fun but fresh air also lifts your spirits and often calms babies. Or possibly what you really need is company and an extra set of hands in the kitchen to get dinner started. We will work alongside each other to address the gaps in support or confidence and go from there.

If halfway through my visit you're ready to rest or have some quiet time - this is your time for you. I can run you a sitz bath or you can take a long shower. You can enjoy sitting outside alone with a cup of tea. Maybe you'd like to eat a meal in silence or simply get tucked in to your bed with fresh sheets for a nap. Whatever it is that will bring you back to your center and make you feel rejuvenated. I'll hold your baby while you do something kind for yourself.

Evening Shifts or postpartum sleep support are usually 5-6hrs starting in the evening, around 6pm or 8pm. When I arrive, we usually have some herbal tea and chat for a short bit so I understand what your needs for the evening are. After assessing where you need the support, we'll practice setting up and using your pump, I'll throw on some laundry while you breastfeed, hold your baby while you eat dinner with your partner, or you can go take a relaxing bath. Soon after that, you'll head to bed. I'll tuck you in with your baby, the same set up as if I wasn't there. I'll follow up on the laundry, bake you some lactation cookies, or prepare snacks for the following day. When the baby wakes to nurse, I'll be right there with you - bringing you water, snacks, massaging your hands or shoulders, checking your latch, making sure you're comfortable. You'll go straight back to bed, while I burp, diaper, soothe and place your baby back with you in your room. My mission for evening shifts is to foster your bond with your baby and cultivate your confidence with night feedings, while taking out some of the work so you can get more sleep between feedings.

Night Nanny Shifts are for families under excessive stress needing respite care - mastitis, you or your baby is sick, you've had several consecutive nights of major sleep struggles, postpartum depression/anxiety, etc. These shifts are typically from 9pm-6am, and I take over baby care so you can get a longer stretch of healing sleep and possibly press the 'reset' button. I will just bring your baby to you to nurse.

My daytime rate (anytime between 10am-8pm) is $20-35/hr
My evening/nighttime rate (anytime between 8pm-6am) is $25-35/hr