Packages are a great gift for someone wanting to help support the family, but either don't know how, are a little out of practice in their newborn family care, or are limited by location. Often it gives parents a sense of relief just knowing help is coming. These are suggestions, feel free to create your own plan of support if you'd like. More hours can be purchased on an as needed/availability basis.

All packages:
include complimentary (up to 1hr) initial meeting/interview
include email and text support
must have at least half the balance paid before first visit, the remaining balance paid once half of the packaged services have been provided.

Welcome Home: 6hrs Postpartum Support - $150
Great initial visit to get off on the right foot. We can go over crib safety, organize the nursery, set up diaper and breastfeeding stations, assess baby's latch, and learn some soothing techniques.
1 or 2 visits the first week after birth

Subsequent Weeks

2weeks - 24hrs Postpartum Support
6-8 visits (2-3/week) for 2 weeks after birth

1month - 48hrs Postpartum Support
6-8 visits (2-3/week) for 4 weeks after birth

6weeks - 72hrs of Postpartum Support
6-8 visits (2-3/week) for 6 weeks after birth

Evening Support

8weeks - 64hrs of Night Nanny Support
8 overnight visits (1/week for 8 hours) for 8 weeks after birth